About cc-get

This website was created in the hope that it would make it easier to install, use and distribute scripts for the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft. It is not endorsed in any way by the creators of CraftOS or RedWorks.

All users may download and use cc-get without an account, however in order to post scripts on the website you must have an account.

All scripts are the property of their creators.

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cc-get needs the http api enabled to function. ComputerCraft has it turned off by default. To enable it open .minecraft/config/mod_ComputerCraft.cfg and change enableAPI_http=0 to enableAPI_http=1.

After enabling the http API download cc-get. Extract the cc-get folder from the zip file and merge it with .minecraft/mods/ComputerCraft. When you type cc-get in the ComputerCraft terminal you should see a message from cc-get.

You should now be able to install projects using cc-get. Find a project you would like to try on the website. Take note of the command to the right. Type the command you got from the right side of the project page. It will be something along the lines of cc-get install <program>. You should now be able to use the program in game.

Using cc-get

You can get a list of available commands by typing cc-get without any parameters. The main commands are:

cc-get install <program> [-v version]
Where <program> is the name of a program found on this website. It will install <program> to /bin/<program>-lib. If the author of the program has specified that the program should be avaliable on your path a file will also be created at /bin/<program>. If you provide a valid version number, that version will be installed.
cc-get update
This will check to see if any scripts need to be updated. If a program needs to be updated it will do so.
cc-get remove <program>
This will remove <program> from the computer
cc-get list
This will give you a list of all programs installed and their versions.

Download cc-get

Version 0.1.1 : This is a quick fix for bugs related to ComputerCraft 1.3. If you continue to get errors after updating, run rm bin/lib/packages.json. Note: Although this won't remove the packages, they will no longer be visible to cc-get. If you would like to be able to list/remove/update them, just rerun cc-get install for the package(s).

Download Version 0.1.1 Released 2012-02-24

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